Danganronpa: Lapse Chapter 1 Guide

For the most part the game is very straightforward but there are some basic choices that need to be made to continue.

Outside the courtroom, discussions and investigations will continue when Echo is selected after all conditions are met.

Echo’s thoughts
[I went over the events of this supposed ‘vacation’ in my head.]

  • Jockey

  • Echo Pine

  • Electrocuted

  • We’re part of a killing game

Discussing the FMQ for the first time
Everyone must be spoken to at least once to continue the story.

Free Time 2
Sei, Kanon, and Forte must be spoken to at least once to allow conversation with Lyle, who will continue the story.

Everyone, excluding Pandora, must be spoken to at least once to continue the story.

All clues (the body, wet note) must be selected to continue the story.


Question: Art and I were together until…

Discussion 1
…[instill distrust and cause discord]

Discussion 2
…[jazz club]…

Discussion 3

…[spa lounge]

What in the spa lounge could have been used to strangle Pandora?

Echo reviews the timeline

  • 10:00pm

  • 9:00am

  • 3:00pm

  • The pantry

  • Sei

  • 4:00pm

Echo thinks backwards

  • True

  • Relaxed

  • False

  • Calming, serene music

Who brought up that the music was different?

Art Campopiano